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Replacement Parts

Irwin Maces are custom made for each drum major and are temporarily out of production

After enough drops and missed catches, any mace will fail. The likely victims for the Irwin Practice Mace are the head and the shaft. Shafts tend to break at the junction of the shaft and ferrule. The top cap of the head is most likely to crack, although the base of the head may crack in particularly hard impacts. MiniMaces are also likely to crack the top cap with enough impacts, especially on unpadded floors.

Irwin Maces have replaceable parts so a bad head or shaft can be traded out. If the top cap needs to be replaced, I can send you a new one for about $10 to $15 depending on postage.

If the entire head is damaged or the shaft is damaged, then the best course is to ship the mace back to me. After inspection, I can give you an estimate for the repair. In straightforward replacements, a new head will be about $45 (including shipping and insurance); a new shaft will run about $50 (including shipping and insurance).

To obtain shipping information and an estimate of repair time, please e-mail me at Be sure to specify whether the mace is the Practice Mace or MiniMace.

NOTE: I do not repair maces from other manufacturers.

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