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Drum Major Window Decal

Jealous of the pipers and drummers in your band having a window decal? These decals are hand cut from Oracal 651 white vinyl (exterior grade) for a durable window sticker. Modeled after a well-known DM, half the fun is seeing if you can recognize this gentleman.

Drum major decal

Three sizes are available: 8 inches high, 6.75 inches and 5.5 inches. Choose the size that best fits your vehicle. The decals are meant to stick to the outside of your car window; they will also stick to the cover of your band music book.

Decals are $1 each, including shipping; prices are low compared to commercial piper decals because I sell these to DMs at cost. (I can consider other colors at extra cost: contact me at . View Oracal colors; not all colors may be available.)

To Order
Send $1 per decal to
Irwin Maces
PO Box 1223
Waukesha WI 53187

Be sure to include your return address, name of your pipe band, an e-mail address (in case I need to contact you) and the quantity desired. Small orders should be shipped within 2 business days of receipt. For colors other than white, please e-mail first () to check on availability of the color.

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