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The Head

As for all maces, it is recommended that you practice tosses over grass, padded carpet or similarly soft surfaces. While my practice mace has survived many 20 ft drops onto grass and numerous falls onto concrete, the plastic head will eventually crack. The foam filling, though, keeps the head intact so practice doesn't have to stop.

Large cracks can be repaired with a crack filling adhesive, such as JB Weld Plastic Bonder adhesive, available in home centers. Fill the crack, let it dry for an hour, sand it smooth, and repaint it with Rustoleum Speciality Metallic paint (Metallic Silver # 1915830). For larger cracks, head parts may be replaced; contact Irwin Maces using the e-mail address below.

The Shaft

The shaft should not need regular maintenance. If the finish gets worn, lightly sand with 150 then 220 sandpaper and recoat with a polyurethane varnish.

The Ferrule

The ferrule may get scratched. You can rub the scratches out with steel wool (00 or 000 for larger scratches, then use 0000 and 000000 to polish). The shine can be restored with a good automotive polish. It won't be as shiny as the chrome on a competition mace but this is a practice mace, right?

The Ferrule Tip

If the rubber tip for the ferrule is lost or damaged, replace it with a 3/4-inch rubber chair leg tip, available from home centers.

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