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Irwin Maces are custom made for each drum major and are temporarily out of production

Irwin Practice Maces are designed to look, feel and perform like competition maces but for a fraction of the cost.

Cane shaft gives the feel of a parade mace
Plastic head won't dent or flake like a metal head
Length and balance point custom matched to your parade mace
Low cost invites trying out difficult new tricks
Head parts are replaceable at reasonable cost

Irwin maces    

The plastic, foam-filled head takes a lot of abuse without denting. And the cane shaft provides the flexibility needed for spinning while acting as a cushion when catching the mace. A metal ferrule provides a similar flash of light as the competition mace when spinning.

Irwin Maces use durable materials that require little maintenance. The shaft goes through the entire length of the head and the ferrule to prevent joint catastrophes if the mace hits the ground (not that you will ever drop the mace).

The Practice Mace is lighter than its competiton counterpart because it uses plastic and aluminum instead of chrome-plated brass or steel. This is a benefit for new drum majors because it is lighter when learning spinning and developing high tosses (and catches). It is a minor drawback if you need to transition frequently between maces as the feel will be slightly different. Because the head is plastic, do not practice on concrete as the head may crack. It does work well on grass, padded carpeting, frozen ground, and other likely practice surfaces.

Prices for Irwin Maces are low because the mace is provided at cost as a service to fellow Scottish Drum majors.

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NEW! Irwin Indoor Practice mace
You don't need to wait for spring to practice anymore!
Introducing the MiniMace

Irwin Maces now produces an indoor practice mace, called the MiniMace, with a shortened shaft. The 38- to 42-inch shaft allows you to practice side spins, prop spins, over the hand rools, thumb rolls, roundhouses, behind-the-back passes, etc. inside without fear of hitting the floor or ceiling. The short staff requires a much smaller practice area than a competition mace. I have even thrown some short tosses with the MiniMace. (CAUTION: the mace is still heavy and will break Grandma's favorite plate so please practice indoors responsibly!)

The mace uses a smaller version of the Practice Mace head and the shaft tapers similarly to the Irwin Mace so the feel will be familiar. The balance point is shifted several inches toward the head compared to the Irwin Mace but it is still significantly far from the head to mimic how the Practice Mace spins.

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