Wisconsin Highland Games
Pipe & Drum Contest

Saturday August 31, 2024
Tom Cobb Memorial Piping Field
Waukesha County Expo Center

1000 Northview Road, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Changes for 2024

Soloist Information

Solo registration is now open: 48 solos registered as of March 28

Top Piper medal information

Top Pipers 2023
Grade 1Thomas McCollum
Grade 2Steven Myers
Grade 3Joshua Steffen

Drum Solos
You are allowed to use a recording instead of having a live piper. It is up to the soloist to provide and check out the equipment prior to Drum Solos starting.

Information for Quartets

The MWPBA introduced piping quartets this year (no drums). Quartets will play in the morning and will be judged by one piping judge.

The pipers must be from the same rostered band (cannot mix and match players if an organization has more than one band). The quartet can play either in their band grade or one grade up. The music must be appropriate for the grade they enter. This year at Waukesha, Grade 2 plays a medley, Grade 3 plays the MSR, Grade 4 plays a medley and Grade 5 plays a QMM.

RIs may not play in a quartet. Pipers may only play in one quartet. Pipers must be tuned and ready to play at their designated time as in pipe band competitions. No medals or prizes are awarded.

Please see section III. F. in the MWPBA 2024 Rules and Regulations for more information.

Mid America Pipe Band Championship

Band Information

Band contest registration is now open: 5 bands have registered as of 28 March 2024

18 bands competed from the Midwest and Canada in 2023
2024 List of Bands
2023 Band Competition Results
2022 Band Competition Results

Band Competition Videos

2023 videos: the MWPBA had technical issues with their recording of the band contest so videos are not available

Grade V Spirit of Michigan Pipes and Drums QMM First Place

Grade IV City of Chicago Pipe Band MSR First Place

Grade III Cameron and District Pipe Band MSR First Place

Grade II City of Chicago Pipe Band Medley First Place

Videos of the other bands as well as previous competitions are located at the MWPBA channel on YouTube.

Listening Guides

Massed Bands Guide
How to Listen to Bagpipe Music
Introduction to Piobaireachd

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